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you came to this page searching for someone that is well skilled with Russian language and script. You've found one. JI am Rade Barbir, professor of Russian language and literature with a long experience uin teaching Russian language and in translating all kinds of texts from Croatian and Serbian to Russian and from Russian and Serbian to Croatian language.

For many years I worked in Karlovac, in „JUGOTURBINA“ company as a professional translator in foreign trade and production. I have often traveled in the Soviet Union and Russia as a professional translator.

Position of Professor of Russian language, I gained at the Philological Faculty in Belgrade.

Third time in a row I am appointed as a court interpreter for Russian and Serbian language by the County Court in Karlovac.

I have registered for the translation agency in the County Office for the economy in Karlovac.

I live and work in Karlovac.

Translations are made quickly and professionally and fairly charged.

Texts for translation can be submitted in person, by mail, fax, email, and in the same way to obtain translations.

At your request I can come at the appointed place for immediate translation.

Consecutive translate, and simultaneously if necessary but with prior notification.

Payment by arrangement.